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Pool Safety Advice

This facility is provided for your enjoyment, it is our responsibility to ensure your safety.

Our Lifeguards are trained and qualified as Royal Lifesaving Society, National Pool Lifeguard and are on poolside to act in any emergency situation which may occur in the pool.

To ensure you get the most out of using our pool please read the following guidelines set out to ensure that you are made aware of any possible risks within our facility:

  • Children 7yrs and under must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16yrs on a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children under the age of 8yrs.
  • Children 3yrs and under must wear a flotation device to a British Standard (BS) or be accompanied on a 1:1 basis by an adult.
  • Responsible persons for children must maintain eye contact and keep them within reach at all times. Organisers responsible for groups should ensure that adequate personnel, deemed to be responsible by the management, accompany swimmers in the pool.
  • When using our pool please take into account your own abilities. We encourage you to speak to a member of our poolside staff to inform them of any specialist assistance you might require if suffering from any illness which may affect your safety within the pool. If in doubt please consult your doctor before participating in swimming type activities.
  • Use toilet and shower facilities before you swim. This is in the interest of ensuring good quality swimming pool water and to reduce any effects on sensitive eyes.
  • Get to know the pool before you swim. Note the different depth, zones and check notes and posters for all information. Make an effort to learn basic water safety and lifesaving skills - you never know when they may come in useful.
  • You should not hold your breath underwater for long periods and should never do so whilst floating face down.
  • Listen to pool staff! They are not there to spoil your fun but to ensure your safety. Read and obey safety notices and posters that may be displayed around the pool - they are there for your own good.

When NOT to Swim

A swimming pool is not very different from any other public place. Just as you might avoid work, school or public transport when you are not well - for your own sake as much as for others - so there are circumstances when swimming might be avoided.

  • Children under 6 months may find the temperatures and chemicals in pools unwelcome because of their sensitive skin. When children do start swimming, it should NOT be nappies; there are special baby costumes and Swim pants that can be bought at retail outlets.
  • Parents should make sure that children go to the toilet before swimming.
  • Everyone would be doing the pool a favour if they showered before a swim.
  • Swimming on a full stomach is still a bad idea because of cramp.
  • People should not bathe if they have open wounds. People with severe eczema may find that their condition is affected by swimming pool water chemicals. They should take appropriate medical advice before swimming.
  • Cold, Flu and other infectious illnesses are sufficient reason not to swim, so is diarrhoea within the last 2 weeks.
  • People with head lice and people with athlete's foot or verrucas should not go into the pool.
  • People whose illness or treatment makes them susceptible to infection, or affected badly by it, should take medical advice before swimming.
  • People should not swim if they are affected by drink or drugs.
  • If for any reason a child must be left for a short while please make temporary alternative arrangements with pool staff.
  • Organisers responsible for group should ensure that adequate personnel, deemed to be responsible by facilities manager and Sport & Leisure Team Leader, accompany swimmers in the pool.
  • All non-swimmers whether they be adults or children should not enter water which is out of their depth, with the exception of very young children supervised on an individual basis who by virtue of their age/size are out of their depth in even the shallowest areas of the pool.
  • The wearing of approved swimming aids under supervision is recommended.

Please enjoy our facilities responsibly.