Become more confident with communication, for adults with hearing loss

Students learning to lipread Students learning to lipread
Students learning to lipread Students learning to lipread

Adult Learning can help you if you are looking to learn lipreading skills.

We work with adults who have a hearing loss and want to learn lipreading skills and coping strategies. The first step is to contact us to arrange an appointment so we can find out more about you and your needs. A good start for most people is to join a taster course to find out more about lipreading and learn the basics.

You could then move on to join a group to learn and practice lipreading skills. You will learn how to manage social settings and everyday encounters and find out about specialist equipment. We have groups across West Lothian and aim to offer you a group at a time, day and place to suit your needs.

We also offer a support group to help you to practice your skills and participate in social activities.

"I feel I can cope better with social occasions"

We will help you to build up your skills with step-by-step lipreading activities working with the tutor.

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