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Corporate Strategies

West Lothian Council has an integrated set of strategies that are designed to support the delivery of the council's priorities and also, to contribute to Strategic Outcomes of the West Lothian Community Planning Partnership.

Corporate Strategies are developed to support the delivery of the Corporate Plan priorities by achieving specific, linked outcomes.  These strategies capture cross-cutting council activity that will affect all, or a significant proportion of, council services within the corporate planning period.

The corporate strategies are provided below:

Multi Agency Strategies

The council also works to partners to develop multi agency strategies and frameworks.  These are designed to set common outcomes between partner organisations and explain how they will work collaboratively in the delivery of the strategy outcomes. 

Service Strategies

Service Strategies set out the planned outcomes and activities that will be delivered by a range of teams and/or services to support corporate and/or multi agency strategic outcomes.

These can be viewed through the service information pages.