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Recycling Facility Visits

Our material recycling facilities welcome visits from schools, universities and community groups to help share the knowledge about waste processing.

Waste Services would encourage groups to visit our recycling facilities for a tour to gain knowledge about what happens to West Lothian's waste once it has been collected.

If you would be interested in visiting the facility, please complete our Waste Education Request Form.

Biffa Recycling & Waste Management Facility

Biffa, which is located in Broxburn, West Lothian, is where all West Lothian mixed dry recycling waste is taken to be processed and recycled.  Biffa is our 'blue bin' recycling facility and they are happy to take visits from schools, universities and community groups. We have had many groups visit the site to learn about our blue bin recycling and how all of the waste is separated and processed. 

For more information, please read an article from a West Lothian resident who recently visited Biffa telling of her experience and the information she received - Recycling - let's get it right

West Lothian Recycling Centre Tours

Please note that unfortunately we are unable to provide tours to nurseries, schools and community groups for the 5 Community Recycling Centres located in Blackburn, Broxburn, Oakbank, Linlithgow and Whitburn. Health and Safety guidelines require Waste Services to close the Recycling Centres during the visits and provide Councillors and residents with prior notification. Residents who attend the Recycling Centres during the visits must wait until the sites are reopened before they can dispose of their waste. This has caused traffic congestion outside of the sites and inconvenience to Recycling Centre users. 

Recycling Residents

The Waste Education and Engagement team work with many residents and community groups in West Lothian and we are always interested in hearing about your experiences taken from our talks, trips and activities.  Please see some excerpts below from residents within West Lothian.