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Why Care?

Foster carers, their own children, and the children they look after share their experiences.

Fostering - why care?
"Being in care means a new home, a new family, and a new life."
Looked after children, aged 10 and 12

"I know that I am getting looked after well and that my carers care about me."
Looked after child, aged 13

"I feel safe and have fun."
Looked after child, aged 8

"Having other children in your family life can be rewarding and fulfilling."
Foster caring couple who have their own adult children

"One of the rewards of fostering is seeing the children growing and going on to a loving family, sometimes returning home to parents or sometimes finding a new 'forever family'."
Foster carer for very young babies and toddlers

"Once the children are returned home I feel a great sense of achievement in being part of that process."
Foster carer who provides short-term placements

"Myself and my family love being carers and would not change it."
Single foster carer who has her own young children

"Our children say that they have been given a great opportunity in life to help and understand children with greater needs than themselves."
Foster caring couple who have their own children

"The most rewarding part of being a carer is when the young adult still keeps contact even when they have moved on to independent living."
Foster carer with over twenty years' experience

"I like that I get to meet all different types and ages of children.  It's nice to see that they're having a good time.  My mum is very good at her job and makes time for all of us individually."
Child of a foster carer, aged 14

"For anyone who feels like they would like to foster, I'd say that if they're up to the challenge, have loads of patience, a willingness to learn new things, have loads of time for the children and young people, and will listen and try to understand their problems, then go for it!"
Foster carer who has two children in permanent placement