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What is Fostering?

Foster carers support children to feel safe and nurtured.

What is fostering?

Fostering is a way of providing a loving and stable home to children and young people when they are unable to live with their birth families or relatives. 

A Foster carers role

Foster carers provide a good standard of care for other people's children.  They also do much more:

  • Foster carers support children in their education, look after their health and support their social wellbeing
  • Foster carers have an understanding of the difficulties parents face and often work closely with children's families and others who are important to the child
  • Foster carers may help children to come to terms with difficult or traumatic experiences
  • Foster carers may manage difficult or challenging behaviour
  • Foster carers work in partnership with social workers and other professionals
  • Foster carers attend meetings and contribute to making care plans for children and young people
  • Foster carers keep records and maintain confidentiality
  • Foster carers are motivated to develop new skills and learn new things through reading, discussion and attending training