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Demand-Responsive Taxibus Services

A number of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) schemes known as Taxibus Services operate in West Lothian

Taxibus services provide demand-responsive public transport links to areas where conventional bus services are not available. 

As Taxibus services are demand-responsive, this means that the services will only run when passengers pre-book their journey.

Details on our demand-responsive Taxibus services including maps, fares, and details of how to book are shown below.

How to book a journey

Passengers must book their journey by calling the relevant service operator.  Contact details are provided within each of the taxibus service areas tabs below. 

Journeys must be booked at least one hour before intended travel, and passengers should state where they wish to be picked up from. Depending on the service type, this may be a residential address or a recognised bus stop. 

The operator will then give you a pick up time from your chosen bus stop/address.  


Each taxibus service has fixed journey times that are available for booking.  This is because these services are registered with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, in a similar way to local bus services.  As the services are registered, it's possible for national entitlement card holders (or young Scot Cards with the under 22s travel component activated) to travel on these services for free.

Service Areas

Information regarding Taxibus 1A Newton/Woodend - South Queensferry/Dalmeny Station
Information regarding Taxibus 2 serving around the Roman Camp & Drumshoreland to Broxburn.
Information regarding Taxibus 3 from Harburn & Crosswoodhill area to West Calder
Information regarding Taxibus 4 from Westwood area to West Calder
Information regarding Taxibus 5 Broxburn - Deans Industrial Estate
Information regarding Taxibus 6 from the Gowanbank area to Bathgate
Information regarding Taxibus 7 from the Beecraigs area to Linlithgow
Information regarding Taxibus 8 Breich - West Calder
Information regarding Taxibus 23 Linlithgow - South Queensferry
Information regarding Taxibus 29 Armadale - Westfield - Avonbridge