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Free standing solar equipment in the curtilage of a dwelling

Free standing solar panels are defined as solar photo-voltaics or solar thermal equipment which is not installed on a building, but which is sited on the ground, within your garden.

You will not need planning permission for free standing solar equipment in the curtilage of a dwelling if the following conditions are met:

  • the site is not located within a conservation area or within the curtilage of a listed building;
  • the equipment is not visible from a road;
  • no more than one free standing solar group is installed
  • the surface area of the free standing solar is 9 square metres or less
  • the free standing solar equipment is under 4 metres in height
  • the free standing solar equipment is more than 5 metres from the boundary of your property
  • any equipment no longer needed for or capable of domestic microgeneration must be removed as soon as possible

A building warrant might be required, irrespective of whether planning permission is needed. We advise that you check with Building Standards before you start work.

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