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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets West Lothian Council's strategic direction and identifies our priorities for the years between 2018/19 and 2022/23. These priorities are the focus for all council services, as we work together to deliver better services for West Lothian.

The council's overall aim is to improve the quality of life for people in West Lothian. Our  Corporate Plan [3MB] has been developed in support of this aim with targeted priorities, actions and measures of success to deliver and track positive change during the period.

The Corporate Plan sets out eight priorities that we believe will help our community to grow and succeed and as a result, are a focus for council services in the years ahead.

Our priorities are:

  1. Improving attainment and positive destinations for school children
  2. Delivering positive outcomes and early interventions for early years
  3. Minimising poverty, the cycle of deprivation and promoting equality
  4. Improving the quality of life for older people
  5. Improving the employment position in West Lothian
  6. Delivering positive outcomes on health
  7. Reducing crime and improving community safety
  8. Protecting the built and natural environment

The priorities were first identified in 2012 through consultation with our community. As part of the corporate and financial planning processes a public consultation called Transforming Your Council was undertaken in 2017 to ask the community to review the priorities and comment on budget proposals to transform council services and address a projected funding gap.

Over 7,000 people responded to the Transforming Your Council consultation, including citizens, council employees, partners and stakeholders and resulted in the views of a wide range of people living and working in West Lothian directly influencing the development of the Corporate Plan.

In this Corporate Plan, we will continue to build on years of strong performance and positive progress in the each of the agreed priorities. We will also undertake a programme of transformation that will modernise the way that many of our services are provided. Our plan will support the delivery of positive outcomes for a growing and vibrant local community, the transformation of council services and will target services to those most in need.

West Lothian Council's Mission Statement

West Lothian Council's mission statement is -

"striving for excellence... working with and for our communities"

... and the following values demonstrate the practices West Lothian Council employees should adopt.

values - we are striving for excellence in:

  • focusing on our customers` needs
  • being honest, open and accountable
  • providing equality of opportunities
  • developing employees
  • making best use of our resources
  • working in partnership