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  • Class Sizes (Adobe pdf documents)

    Microsoft Word - ClassSizes DATA LABEL: PUBLIC Education Services Policy: Author: Service: Last Updated: Class Sizes Andrew Sneddon Pupil Placement August 2014 ...

  • Farm Visits (Adobe pdf documents)

    While the hazard from infection resulting from a farm visit is real, the risks are readily controlled by everyday measures. The following sensible steps will he...

  • Letting of Council Premises to Youth Groups (Adobe pdf documents)

    Organisations or groups working with children under the age of 18 should ensure that the youth group has a commitment to Child Protection. Policy

  • Digital Media Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    Head Teachers should carefully consider what photographs of pupils, if any, are suitable for inclusion on the school website. ‘If in doubt, leave it out’ should...

  • Traffic Safety in and around Schools (Adobe pdf documents)

    This policy guideline sets out the arrangements made to identify and tackle traffic safety hazards in and around schools. Schools

  • Raising Attainment Strategy (Adobe pdf documents)

    RAISING, ATTAINMENT, STRATEGY Raising Attainment Strategy Raising Attainment Strategy Schools

  • Home Education Policy June 2016 (Adobe pdf documents)

    Home Education Policy June 2016 Policy

  • Supporting Children with Personal Care (Adobe pdf documents)

    Supporting Children with Personal Care Inclusion and ASN

  • Supporting Transgender Young People in West Lothian (Adobe pdf documents)

    The purpose of this guidance is to offer practical information to all staff in West Lothian Council schools in order to support young people who are or may be t...

  • Guidance for schools on accepting adult infill students (Adobe pdf documents)

    Guidance for schools on accepting adult infill students Policy

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