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Report a Dog Fouling Issue

Where dog mess needs cleaned up, want to report a damaged dog waste bin or have an existing one emptied, please use our online form.

Should you wish to report this issue anonymously, please call our Contact Centre on 01506 280000

Privacy Notice - Operational Services - General Customer enquiries (email, letter and phone) [73KB]

If you know the address of the dog owners allowing their dogs to foul without clearing up after them, please provide this information.The owners of these dogs will be visited with appropriate action being taken against them, where it can be proved.

If you do not know the details of the dog owner, you can give us a description and an idea of times the dog is walked. We can then target the area at these times which will give us a better chance of catching offenders. The Dog Warden and Environmental Wardens can also patrol the area to watch for people allowing their dogs to foul and issue fixed penalty notices as necessary.

If the dog fouling is taking place on private land please read our information on Dog Fouling on Private Land.