Exhibition - Livingston New Town: Art, History, People

Enjoy a virtual tour of the exhibition - 'Livingston New Town: Art, History, People'.

Exhibition:  2020/2021
Venue:  Howden Park Centre, Livingston, EH54 6AE  Website: howdenparkcentre.co.uk

This past exhibition has now been brought online and is available below to enjoy from the comfort of your home. 


Livingston New Town Exhibition - Craigshill underpassLivingston New Town: Art, History, People

Drawing on a wealth of photographs, illustrations and models, as well as historical artefacts from the museums and the archival collection of West Lothian, this exhibition explores the identity of Livingston as a thriving New Town - from its beginnings in the 1960s to today.

The show contrasts images of public life, industrial endeavour, modern architecture and social history set within the context of ever changing urban and green spaces. Come along and see if you recognise your roots in early images of Livingston as it grew, encompassed and transformed the Almond river valley landscape. The exhibition will also explore Livingston's history as a utopian endeavour of an ambitious and experimental modern town.

This show illustrates how planning by Livingston Development Corporation created not only the foundations for a flourishing new community, but also gave rise to the presence of the 'Town Artist' and subsequently one of the largest collections of public artworks in Scotland.

Based on a shared enthusiasm for the identity of Livingston as thriving community with a unique history of modern development, this exhibition includes the work of local artists Nicholas Devison, Dawn McDowell, Simon Montgomery and Sam Vettese in partnership with West Lothian's museums, archives and community art services, all bringing Livingston and local knowledge alive for future generations to discover.

The virtual tour is brought to you by the partnership of West Lothian Leisure, West Lothian Council community arts and museums and archives services.  It was produced locally by Alan Corrie of Images Above and was made possible thanks to Creative Scotland's Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund'. 


Virtual tour of the exhibition

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