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Domestic Waste

West Lothian Council collects domestic refuse in all areas of the district on a regular basis.

  • Check Bin Collection Dates

    You can check your collection days for your grey, blue, brown and food waste bins including both normal collections and changes to collections over the festive Christmas and New Year period using the information provided.

  • Request a Bulky Uplift

    Request a bulky uplift for items of bulky domestic waste.

  • Report a Missing, Stolen or Damaged Bin

    You can report your bin missing, stolen or damaged using the online form below.

  • Report a Missed Bin Collection

    If your bin was not emptied as expected, you can report it online.

  • Request an Assisted Collection

    You can request an assisted collection online using the form below.

  • Food Waste

    West Lothian Council has introduced weekly food waste collections. Information can be found here on your collection day and why we recycle food waste.

  • Accumulations of Waste and Rubbish

    Services are available to residents and businesses to remove all types of waste. Where waste and material for recycling is not being placed in bins, bins are not put out for collection or bins have been overfilled, rubbish can begin to accumulate in gardens, back yards and other areas.

  • Bin collection updates

    Information on disruptions to bin collections can be viewed here.

  • Request a Blue Bin, Brown Bin or Food Waste Caddy

    Use the form below to submit your request for an additional, larger or new blue bin, an additional or new brown bin or an additional or new food waste caddy.

  • New slim bins for West Lothian

    West Lothian Council is set to become the latest Scottish local authority to replace existing landfill (grey) bins with new slim bins.

  • What goes in my Blue and Brown Bin and Food Waste Caddy

    West Lothian bins are emptied on a four-weekly cycle with the grey bin and blue bin being lifted once a fortnight, brown bin every four weeks and food caddy weekly.

  • Request for an additional grey bin

    You can request an assessment for an additional grey bin using the online form below.

  • Recycling Locator

    Recycling Locator - where to recycle in your local area. Want to be able to quickly find out what and where to recycle in your local area?

  • Hints and Tips on Recycling

    Information on recycling and how to avoid contamination issues.