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Broxburn town centre service

New town bus service launches in Broxburn and Uphall

A new bus service to help Broxburn and Uphall residents reach the town centre is set to launch.

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West Lothian Council is launching the 2A and 2B community bus pilot in partnership with Dial-A-Bus operator HcL to help people who live in the residential areas of Broxburn and Uphall.

This will enable locals to access key services such as shops and health in the town centre, as well as existing public transport links for onward travel.

A number of local residents have requested the service due to the hilly nature of Broxburn and Uphall, to support older people, families with young children and those with mobility issues who live in the area.

The services will launch from Monday 5 April, and will operate between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Both 2A and 2B routes are planned around a two-hour loop between the town centre facilities, such as Strathbrock Partnership Centre, shops such Co-op and Lidl, and residential areas including Stankards/Houston Gardens, Crossgreen Triangle, Kirkhill, Loaninghill Road, Timmeryetts/Galmeilen, and Wyndford Avenue.

The Service will operate on a hail and ride basis in residential areas where there are no formal bus stops. Passengers can signal to the driver to stop at any point in these areas, providing it's safe to do so.

Fares will be £1.70 for adults, and £0.90 for children, with concessionary bus pass holders able to travel for free. Please have the exact money as no change can be given, and contactless payment will be accepted.

All the vehicles used on the 2A and 2B routes are fully accessible and are specially adapted to carry combinations of wheelchair users and other passengers safely and comfortably.

HcL can be contacted on 01506 633 953, by emailing: or visiting HcL Transport Website (opens new window) .

Passenger Transport Services can be contacted on 01506 282 321, by emailing:

As part of our pilot of the Broxburn and Uphall Town Service, we're inviting passengers to give us their feedback on the service. 

The link to the survey is: Broxburn and Uphall Town Service Passenger Survey (opens new window)


How many passengers can the bus carry?

  • Under normal conditions the vehicle capacity is 15 seats + 1 wheelchair space.

    Under current one metre social distancing guidelines, the reduced capacity is 8 seats + 1 wheelchair space.  This may be increased when multiple passengers from the same household are travelling.

    Screens have been ordered to help increase capacity, and the available capacity will be updated once the screens are installed.

What happens if the vehicle is full?

  • If capacity is reached, signage will be provided at the front of the vehicle to inform passengers that the bus is full.  The driver will be unable to pick up more passengers when this occurs.

Can I use cash?

  • Passengers can pay for their journey with cash, but we do ask that the exact fare is paid as HcL are unable to give change.  Contactless payment is also available.

Contact Information

HcL can be contacted on

Passenger Transport Services can be contacted on