Changes to Bin Collections

Throughout May and June 2022 the Council will introduce a new green recycling bin.

In May 2022 the Council will introduce a new green recycling bin, in addition to your existing blue bin. The new green bin will help to reduce contamination in recycling by separating paper and card from other mixed dry recycling. Watch the video below for more information about the new service.

The new 240l green bin will collect plastics, cartons, tins and cans and will be collected every four weeks. Once green bins are in place, only paper and card will be placed in the blue bin which will also be collected every four weeks.

This will provide households with a fortnightly grey bin collection service and a fortnightly recyclable material collection, as occurs at present. The difference from this summer is that the recyclable material collections would alter between green and blue bins, to enable the different material types to be collected separately.

Find some FAQs about the new green recycling bin.
Use this form to contact us about any upcoming changes to the service.
You can check your collection days for your grey, blue and brown bins using the postcode look up service below.
Find out what can be recycled in your green bin (service not available until summer 2022).
An image relating to Blue Bins
Find out what can be recycled in your blue bin
Food and garden waste is collected in brown bins and collections are every 2 weeks.
An image relating to Grey Bins
The change will increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of money being spent on sending household waste to landfill.

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