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Council A to Z

  • Abandoned vehicles
    • Abandoned Vehicles

      The police and the council work together to deal with abandoned vehicles and follow strict rules before a vehicle can be removed

  • Abnormal loads (road transport)
    • Road Regulations and Limits

      In order for West Lothian Council to meet its responsibility of maintaining the Road Network and ensuring the safety of all those who use it, certain regulations, restrictions and limits need to be applied.

  • Accident prevention
  • Accidents at work
    • Health and Safety Service Plan

      In order to meet the requirements of the National Local Authority Enforcement Code, West Lothian Council is required to develop and approve an annual health and safety service plan.

  • Adult and community education
  • Adult and community education centres
  • Adult basic education
    • ABE group gets a glimpse of trench life!

      The Bathgate Tuesday morning group have visited Scotland's only replica World War 1 trench!

    • Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    • Cash Confident

      This financial literacy course looks at shopping and saving money in your local area. The course covers budgeting, benefits, saving and borrowing and includes trips to local shops to find the best buys near you.

    • Celebrate Money Week 2014 with ABE!

      Adult Basic Education are running a series of events as part of the council's Money Week.

    • Cooking By Numbers

      Cooking by Numbers is a course for anyone who wants to use their numeracy to help with healthy eating. Run in partnership with the council's Health Improvement Team, each session includes practical cooking tasks and also looks at weights and measures, reading food labels and finding out about a well balanced diet. Participants can also work towards a measuring qualification which is accredited at SQA level 3. Healthy cooking has never been more fun!

    • Driving Theory

      Driving Ahead is a short course for people who want to know more about the driving theory test. The course covers road signs, road markings, speed limits and stopping distances, the hazard perception test and more.

    • Dyslexia Awareness Week

      Around 1 in 10 people in the UK are affected by dyslexia. Dyslexia Awareness Week this year will run from November 3-9 in a series of events running across West Lothian and Scotland. The week is being promoted nationally by Dyslexia Scotland.

    • ESOL

    • ESOL Conversation Classes

    • FABE

      Friends of Adult Basic Education or FABE is a voluntary organisation that represents the students and supports the work done by ABE. It has its own committee, organises some ABE events and helps us to find out the views of the wider student population.

    • Lipreading

    • Lipreading Open Day

      ABE is holding a Lipreading Open Day on Tuesday 9 September from 2 to 4pm. This informal event will take place in the community coffee lounge at Strathbrock Partnership Centre in Broxburn.

    • Lipreading Taster Course

    • Money Portraits

      The first of our new Money Self-Portrait workshops ran in Bathgate last week. Big Issue artist Max Scratchmann led the session where participants created their own self-image.

    • More For Less

      Get the most out of your money! This financial literacy course will help you to save energy and cash, has tips to help you to reduce waste, and gives you the chance to re-use your packaging by getting crafty. A fun and creative way to get more for less.

    • Mystery Event

      In May, we began a series of events to celebrate the power of learning. Our very brave Wednesday morning group wrote and performed their own whodunnit at a mystery evening at the Regal Theatre.

    • News

    • Out and About

      Out and About is a course for disabled people who want to improve their self travel skills for personal independence, volunteering or employment. The course is targeted at adults who would like to work on their reading, writing and numbers to help plan journeys in West Lothian and beyond.

    • Parliament Visit

      A group of young ABE learners participated in a cross party group on adult learning at the Scottish Parliament in March. The theme of the meeting was men learning through life.

    • Playlab

      Playlab is the perfect way to encourage your children to learn. The course helps parents to explore fun ways to play games with their children and to get involved in their learning. Come along and invent your own games and activities to use in the house or out and about!

    • Reading, Writing & Numbers

    • Short Courses

      ABE run a number of short courses throughout the year to help with all sorts of everyday learning. Need help with your driving theory test? Would you like to work on your numbers and learn how to cook healthy meals at the same time?

    • Six Book Challenge 2014

      On the day the Queen's Baton Relay came to West Lothian, ABE learners came together to celebrate their own achievements. Every year we give students the option to enter the National Reading Agency's Six Book Challenge.

    • Spotlight on... David

      David tells us how coming to ABE helped him get a construction skills card - and a job.

    • Spotlight on... Wendy

      Wendy talks about how coming to our lipreading classes has given her renewed confidence for everyday life.

    • Students & FABE

    • Students share dyslexia experiences

      As part of Dyslexia Awareness Week, students from our literacies groups came together to share their experiences. Three students bravely volunteered to be guest presenters and spoke about their personal strategies for managing dyslexia in their everyday lives.

    • Training for other Organisations

    • Training Pathway

    • Volunteering and Internal Training

    • What's Your Story, Pal?

      Have you ever wanted to create your own stories, but weren't sure where to start? This short course is all about telling stories YOUR way. Does writing work best for you? Or perhaps you would prefer to use photographs, pictures, comic strips, or just get your ideas down on a voice recorder? No experience required, just come along and get involved.

  • Advice agencies
    • Planning Aid for Scotland

      Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) is an independent organisation which offers a free (subject to eligibility) and impartial planning helpline.

  • Air pollution
    • Air Pollution

      Air Quality is important because it's about the air we all breathe and the effect of the pollutants in it on our bodies and health.

    • Broxburn Air Quality Management Area

      An Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) for Broxburn was declared in March 2011 due to exceedances of both Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulates (PM10). More information can be found in the Broxburn Detailed Assessment below. As part of the declaration process West Lothian Council made an AQMA order for Broxburn. Further information can be found in the AQMA order below. Road traffic, principally cars, is the main source of pollution in central Broxburn. An Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) for Broxburn has now been drafted following the declaration of the AQMA the traffic generated air pollution. The Broxburn AQAP will be finalised in due course. After the Air Quality Action Plan for Broxburn is finalised, funding will be sought to implement the action plan measures.

    • Domestic Bonfires

      It's not against the law to have a bonfire in your garden, but it can cause problems depending on what is burned, how often it happens and how much smoke it generates. Environmental Health deals with complaints about bonfires on neighbours' property.

  • Alarms for elderly and disabled
    • Adapt Your Home

      At some stage in your life you may find that your home is no longer suitable for you. This may be because you find the layout of the house difficult if you are ill, elderly or disabled.

    • Services for Adults and Older People

      Find a range of services and advice for adults and older people available in West Lothian including falls prevention, Food Train, Senior Peoples Forum, Independent Advocacy Service and older people's benefits.

  • Alcohol use and abuse
    • Alcohol and Fire

      Alcohol Related Fires in the Home

    • Help for Adults

      Find information, advice and resources available for adults in West Lothian including Domestic and Sexual Assault Team (DASAT), Living in Safe Accommodation (LISA), Stop Smoking Service, Physical Disability Service, Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, asylum, immigration and citizenship.

    • Scotland's drink drive limit

      Scotland's drink drive limit

    • Social Work Services

      Find social work services available in West Lothian including Children and Families Social Work, Social Work Emergency Team, Drugs and Alcohol Addiction, Learning Disability Service and Self Directed Support.

  • Angling
    • Fishing on the River Almond

      The River Almond flows for 50km from the Cant Hills near Kirk of Shotts to where it enters the Firth of Forth at Crammond. Running through so many towns and villages, the Almond provides an ideal opportunity for angling in Central Scotland.

    • Fly-fishing on Beecraigs Loch

      Beecraigs Loch is a popular water, regularly stocked with quality Rainbow Trout.

  • Animal fouling
    • Dog Fouling on Private Land

      Where dog owners allow dog dirt to build up in their own garden, which is likely to cause odour and fly problems, neighbours can take private legal action. Environmental Health does not routinely investigate complaints made about fouling in private gardens. Different laws apply to fouling in public places.

    • Dog Waste Bins

      West Lothian Council provides a range of sites where customers can deposit dog fouling

    • Report Dog Fouling

      Where dog mess needs cleaned up, you want to request a dog bin or have an existing one emptied, please use our online form.

    • Tackling Dog Fouling - Paws for Thought

      'Paws for Thought' is a new dog fouling initiative, currently under way in West Lothian to encourage responsible dog owners to help keep our streets and parks clean.

  • Animal health
    • Agriculture

      Information on animal health and feedstuffs

  • Animal licences
    • Animal Licensing

      Licensing information for anyone caring for animals in a personal or business capacity.

    • Home Boarding Licence

      Anyone planning on boarding dogs at a domestic premises needs to apply for a Licence under the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963. No person may board dog's without first obtaining a licence from the local authority.

    • Performing Animals Registration

      The Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 requires that all persons who work with, train, supply, present, exhibit or show animals which are used in any genre of entertainment or therapy must register with their local authorities.

  • Animal rights and welfare
    • Animal Welfare

      The Animal Welfare Officers deal with many dog related issues in the West Lothian area and are on hand to offer advice and guidance to residents and dog owners.

  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
    • Linlithgow Burgh Halls

      Linlithgow Burgh Halls has been transformed into a stunning resource that truly has something for everyone.

  • Archives
    • Archives

      West Lothian Council Archives and Records Centre preserves and makes accessible records relating to the history of West Lothian.

    • Volunteer

      Have you thought about volunteering with Heritage Services?

  • Arts and entertainment venues
    • Linlithgow Burgh Halls

      Linlithgow Burgh Halls has been transformed into a stunning resource that truly has something for everyone.

  • Arts development
    • Arts Development

      Community Arts contributes to the wellbeing and lifelong learning of the people of West Lothian by providing opportunities to participate in the arts.

    • Linlithgow Burgh Halls

      Linlithgow Burgh Halls has been transformed into a stunning resource that truly has something for everyone.

    • Public Art

    • Voluntary Arts

      West Lothian is rich in voluntary arts organisations. Every month around 150 different groups meet in communities from Whitburn to Winchburgh and from Polbeth to Pumpherston.

  • Asbestos
  • Attendance and truancy
    • Attendance & Absence Levels in West Lothian Schools

      This page will provide you with information relating to attendance and absence levels in West Lothian schools.

    • Attendance and Behaviour

      Children and young people benefit most from their education when they attend school regularly. Children and young people are expected to follow their School Behaviour Code. In extreme cases, children and young people may be excluded from school.

    • Exclusion Levels in West Lothian Schools

      This page provides you with information relating to the levels of exclusion in West Lothian schools

  • Public order, justice and rights
    • Criminal and Youth Justice Service

      Get a wide range of information, help and advice from the criminal and youth justice service in West Lothian including bail services, information for young offenders, community payback orders, court orders, drug treatment and testing orders, fines and compensation orders, Prison Social Work at Addiewell and restriction of liberty orders.