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Rest in peace your Majesty

You were an inspiration and a served your time on earth with effortless grace.

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I, alongside my future husband Andrew Barr, had the greatest honour of attending your final garden party in Holyrood on 29th June 2022. Although you could not grace us with your presence in the magnificent gardens on the day, we were made aware you were looking down on the guests from your window. Your loving son filled your role on your behalf with ease and was so charismatic, a gentle and engaging man. 

I was introduced to Prince Charles (his title at the time) now His Majesty our new King and had the absolute pleasure to shake his hand while having a lengthy chat on several topics. 

This filled my heart with pride and joy and I will forever hold dear my invitation and the special day we had as long as I live. 

Your service to the people has been immeasurable and I for one treasure your existence. 

May your journey till the end of time be peaceful.

Hazel Jenkinson