Local Government Election 2022 Results

The count for the election will take place at West Lothian College on Friday 6 May 2022. The results will be made available using the link above.

U26 Rural Broxburn - Road Closure (Tuesday 19 April)

The U26, South of A89, rural Broxburn will be closed from the junction with the C4 in the west to the junctions with the A89 at Newhouses Road, Kilpunt Steading and Birdsmill/County Boundary for carriageway dressing and resurfacing.

In order to help facilitate access the works will be completed in 8 separate phases:

Phase 1: C4 Junction to the access to Illieston Castle;

Phase 2: Access to Illieston Castle to Junction near The Astor;

Phase 3: Junction near The Astor the Junction with the A89 at Newhouses Road;

Phase 4: From Junction at Kilpunt Cottages to junction with A89. Through Kilpunt Steading;

Phase 5: From Junction near The Astor to Kilpunt Steading Junction;

Phase 6: From Junction at Birdsmill to Junction at A89 near County Boundary;

Phase 7: From Kilpunt Steading to Birdsmill;

Phase 8: Birdsmill

When will this take place?

  • The closure will be in place from midnight on Tuesday 19 April until 11.59pm on Tuesday 30 August


Phases 1,2 and 3: U26, C4 and A89 to Newhouses Road and Vice Versa

Phase 4: U26 Newhsouses Road and A89 to Kilpunt Steading Junction and Vice Versa

Phase 5: U26 Newhsouses Road and A89, and U26 Kilpunt Steading and Vice Versa

Phases 6 and 7: U26 Kilpunt Steading, A89 to Junction near County Boundary and U26 Birdsmill

Phase 8: No diversion possible - Local Access Only

Map of closure phases

U26 Phase 1

U26 Phase 2

U26 Phase 3

U26 Phase 4

U26 Phase 5

U26 Phase 6

U26 Phase 7

U26 Phase 8



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