Winter Support Fund

The Scottish Government has announced a Winter Support Fund to support wellbeing and respond to financial insecurity and help support customers recover from the additional costs experienced over the winter period.

The Winter Support Fund is a one-off payment of £135.

To be eligible for Winter Support Fund Payment, you must have in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTRS) and have been in one these categories as at 31 December 2021;

  • Universal Credit claimants who receive the limited capability for work element within their Universal Credit award.
  • Universal Credit claimants who are lone parents
  • Pension Age customers who are in receipt of CTRS and any of the following:
    • Are in receipt of a disability premium within their CTRS entitlement
    • Receives higher rate Attendance Allowance 
    • Receives DLA Care at the middle or higher rate
    • Receives DLA mobility at the higher rate
    • Receives PIP Daily Living Enhanced
    • Receives PIP Mobility Enhanced

There is no need to make an application, we are currently working to identify those eligible for a payment.

Only one payment will be made to each qualifying household.

How will payments be made

We will contact all eligible households to advise them of their entitlement and payments will be made directly into your bank account.

We will not employ third parties to gather information on our behalf. If you have reason to believe that the person contacting you does not work for the council please contact us immediately. You should never give out your bank details to someone you do not trust.

When will payment be made

Payments will be made by the end of May 2022 for eligible households.

Will this affect my other benefits?

If you receive Universal Credit, then this payment will be counted as capital. This will not normally affect the amount you receive unless you have savings or other capital totalling over £6,000.

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