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Grit Bins

Find your nearest Grit Bin

The location of new or replacement grits bin are first assessed before being installed or replaced, grit bins will not be installed within 100 metres of an existing grit bin.

Report a Grit Bin Issue

You can request a grit bin to be refilled, request a replacement grit bin where it is missing, damaged or broken, or request a grit bin where one isn't present, using our online form.

Grit Bin Policy

The provision of grit bins in urban areas is to offer the public a self-help option to overcome localised difficulties of greatest risk in relation to the effect of winter conditions on roads and footpaths. It is important that the council encourages and helps facilitate self-help by those members of the public who are prepared to carry out this work.

However, the number of grit bins made available needs to be controlled. Maintaining adequate salt levels in the bins results in an operational burden therefore careful consideration is given to the provision and location of grit bins.

Consideration is also given to the following:

  • New grit bins are only provided in accordance with the urban [24KB] and rural [23KB]  grit bin criteria
  • If the location is currently on a primary carriageway or footway route then a grit bin will not be considered as the risk should be mitigated from planned treatment
  • Grit bins will only be located where they can be accessed and filled from a lorry
  • Grit bins will be replenished at the start of the winter period and then only as an when resources allow thereafter.
  • Council grit bins will be left in place all year, we do not refill private grit bins
  • Both the grit bin and grit are purely for use on a public road or footway
  • The locations of grit bins will be recorded and made available online, to find your nearest grit bin use our map search
  • The council will not provide grit bins in private areas or car parks for use by any other council or any other public or private property such as schools, parks, hospitals, care homes, etc. unless a service level agreement is in place
  • Only those requests submitted online with the proposed location shown on a map will be considered
  • Applicants will be notified when the application is successful or not, the responsible officers decision is final
  • A request will not be accepted unless a location to site the bin has been agreed with the responsible officer
  • Grit bins that are stolen/damaged or missing will be first reassessed in line with the criteria, a previous grit bin will not be replaced if the location does not meet the criteria
  • In times of an extreme weather event it is not always possible to service and replenish grit bins due to their location and the deployment of resources in higher priority areas

Please note - Urban is where the speed limit is 40mph or less. Rural is where the speed limit is greater than 40mph.

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