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Students share dyslexia experiences

As part of Dyslexia Awareness Week, students from our literacies groups came together to share their experiences. Three students bravely volunteered to be guest presenters and spoke about their personal strategies for managing dyslexia in their everyday lives.

Dyslexia Matters

Ryan shared his artwork and explained how using Comic Life software had helped him to start creating his own stories. Murray spoke about his experiences of getting a visual stress test and explained how it had helped him in the workplace. Steven then spoke about using text-to-speech and voice recognition software to support reading and writing.  He then proceeded to send a text without any typing to demonstrate how simple it was.  All three did an excellent job and it was much appreciated by the rest of the group.

Everyone there contributed by sharing strategies that work for them and giving their opinions on a number of dyslexia support websites.  It's was a great evening and we now hope to offer chances for students with dyslexia to come together more often.