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Accumulations of Waste and Rubbish

Services are available to residents and businesses to remove all types of waste. Where waste and material for recycling is not being placed in bins, bins are not put out for collection or bins have been overfilled, rubbish can begin to accumulate in gardens and back yards

It is the responsibility of all residents and business owners to make sure that this does not happen and to sort out problems when they arise.

One of the most important things is to separate out recycling from landfill waste, to know which bin to put each in and what days to put the bins out. Householders can find out all they need to know on  the Recycling and Waste web pages.

Businesses must make their own arrangements for collection of recycling and waste. This can be arranged through the council or a private contractor. For businesses, the most important thing is to have the right combination of storage capacity and number of uplifts.

Where rubbish begins to accumulate, Environmental Health can take formal action to ensure that it is cleared up. West Lothian Council has legal powers to require removal of rubbish which will rot or provide food for pests. Contact Environmental Health and Trading Standards. If no action is taken by the occupier or owner of the property, the council may remove the rubbish and charge the occupier or owner the full costs involved.

It is not possible to require landowners to remove inert or non-putrescible items such as:

  • building material or debris;
  • children's toys;
  • discarded white goods; or
  • old vehicles.

Where this type of material is causing an eyesore home, please see our information on Eyesore Homes.