Recruitment & Redeployment

Updated guidance on recruitment and redeployment in relation to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic

A number of changes have been agreed to recruitment and redeployment procedures in order to allow the council to react quickly to ensure the continued provision of essential services.  These changes only apply to recruitment of key workers critical to the COVID-19 emergency response. The key documents which detail these changes are

The Icon for word Vacancy Authorisation Form [72.44KB] has been amended to allow managers to advise whether or not the post they wish to recruit to is classified as a key worker.  Where this is the case the post does not need to be approved by EMT and will be posted to MyJobScotland as soon as is practicable following receipt.  The Icon for pdf Bulletin Schedule [94.86KB] and Icon for pdf Bulletin Schedule Teachers [98.36KB], and associated processes, for non-key worker posts remain unchanged.


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