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Theft Slip-ins

The sun is not the only thing that is out - be vigilant against theft slip-ins to your homes, garages and sheds.

The sun has finally made an appearance this year allowing residents to spend more time outdoors or in the garden, however West Lothian Community Safety Unit would like to remind you that as a result there is an increased risk of householders being victims to slip-in thefts. Thieves like easy opportunities.

Could we please ask you be extra vigilant and make sure that your windows and doors are latched or secured, even when you are around the home or in the back garden.

Slip-ins can occur at any time, whether it is late at night, early morning or during the day.

Can we also remind you to lock tools and ladders away so that a thief cannot use them to break in.

If you have any questions regarding any crime related matter please contact your local police station on the National non-emergency number 101.

If you see anything suspicious contact your local Police Station or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.