Whole House Electrical System Safety Check

Information on what happens when we check the safety of the electrical wiring in your council home. We will also renew fuse boxes where required and carry out any electrical system repairs that are necessary.

The inspection work in each home will take approximately half a day and any follow on works may take up to another half a day.

Sequence of Events

  • The engineer will carry out a visual inspection of your sockets switches etc, and the wiring where possible e.g. including in the attic space.
  • The electricity will be turned on and off for short periods.
  • All electrical circuits will be tested.
  • Any minor repairs will be carried out.
  • Any major works will be identified
  • You will be advised of the extent of any follow on works required
  • A suitable date for the follow on works will be arranged.
  • A fabric survey may be arranged for follow on work.
  • We will inspect the work and ask you to complete a satisfaction survey

Health and Safety during the Works

  • We will minimise the noise, dust and dirt generated and will tidy up on completion.
  • We need clear access to the fusebox, sockets and switches.
  • There may be short intervals where live electrical parts may be exposed, that should be avoided at all times.
  • Trailing leads used may be a trip hazard.
  • Young children, pets and disoriented adults must be closely supervised or preferably removed from the area of risk to another property during the Works.
  • Tenants should stay in one room for as much of the duration of the Works as possible, and notify the engineers if they have to move through an area of ongoing works or exposed wiring.
  • Power tools will be in use and floorboards may be left open. Barriers will be placed around unattended open floors.

What you need to do

  • Ensure access for the engineers on the agreed dates as it will minimise disruption to you.
  • Electrical faults can be very dangerous and it is in your interest to make and keep an appointment.  (Section 5.12 of your Tenancy Agreement gives us right of access to carry out essential maintenance work.)

At all times

  • If anyone in the property has any special needs or may be affected by this work you should let the surveyor and engineers know as soon as possible.
  • Before you allow anyone into your home please ask for identification.
  • All our employees and authorised contractors carry photographic identification to be shown to you before entering your property.
  • Please call the supervisor number below if you have any concerns over this identification.
  • Valuables must be locked away and not left lying around. Any small ornaments and fragile items must be placed in a safe place.  Foodstuffs must also be stored away. 

At the end of the Works

  • Ensure that all equipment such as fridges and freezers etc. are plugged back in after the work.
  • You may need to reset any sky boxes, time clocks (e.g. heating controls) etc.
  • If you have any issues, comments or complaints about the works please contact the supervisor in the first instance.

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