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  • Disciplinary Code (Adobe pdf documents)

    Disciplinary Code (Revised March '05) DATA LABEL: PUBLIC Disciplinary Code For All Employees Original approved by PP&R Cttee 25 April 2000 Revised May 2016 2 DA...

  • Disciplinary Procedure - Manager's Guide (Adobe pdf documents)

    Disciplinary - Managers' Guide (DRAFT) 1 Disciplinary Procedure Managers’ Guide Support Services January 2007 Data Label: Official 2 DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE - MA...

  • Nominated Officer Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    NOMINATED OFFICER Nominated Officer Guidance Nominated Officer Guidance Guidance Bullying and Harassment Discipline

  • Protection of Vulnerable Groups - Referral Panel Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    DATA LABEL: PUBLIC PVG REFERRAL PANEL GUIDANCE & PROCESS 1. PURPOSE 1.1 This guidance is designed to assist members of the council’s internal PVG Referral Panel...

  • Disciplinary Procedure (Non-Teaching) (Adobe pdf documents)

    / DATA LABEL: PUBLIC Disciplinary Procedure Original approved by PP&R Committee 13 November 1996 Revised March 2021 DATA LABEL: PUBLIC WEST LOTHIAN COUNCIL DISC...

  • ADR-1 Process Overview (Adobe pdf documents)

    ADR Process Overview Guidance ADR

  • ADR-2 Guidance for Managers as Reviewers (Adobe pdf documents)

    ADR Guidance for Managers as Reviewers Guidance ADR

  • ADR-3 General Guidance for Employees (Adobe pdf documents)

    ADR General Guidance for Employees Guidance ADR

  • ADR-4 Employee Guidance Q and A (Adobe pdf documents)

    ADR Employee Guidance Q and A Guidance ADR

  • ADR-5 Core Competency Framework (Adobe pdf documents)

    ADR Core Competency Framework Guidance ADR

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