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Take part in our public consultation on a range of budget measures that aim to reduce spending, alter local services and address the council's budget gap.
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  • Payroll Pay Dates (Adobe pdf documents)


    PAYROLL PAY DATES Payroll Pay Dates West Lothian Council - Payroll Processing Timetable Protocol Pay

  • Pay Teachers & Associated Professionals (Adobe pdf documents)


    TEACHERS Pay Teachers & Associated Professionals West Lothian Council - Teachers pay scale Pay

  • Pay Psychologists (Adobe pdf documents)


    PSYCHOLOGISTS Pay Psychologists West Lothian Council - Psychologists pay scales Pay

  • Pay Quality Improvement Officers & Education Support Officers (Adobe pdf documents)


    QUALITY IMPROVEMENT OFFICERS & EDUCATION SUPPORT OFFICERS Pay Quality Improvement Officers & Education Support Officers West Lothian Council - Quality Improveme...

  • Pay Chief Officials (Adobe pdf documents)


    CHIEF OFFICIALS Pay Chief Officials West Lothian Council - Chief Officials Pay scales Policy Pay

  • Policy Statement on Equal Pay (Adobe pdf documents)


    POLICY STATEMENT EQUAL PAY Policy Statement on Equal Pay Policy Statement on Equal Pay Guidance Pay Equality

  • Policy for Dealing with Salary Over/Under Payments (Adobe pdf documents)


    POLICY FOR DEALING WITH SALARY OVER/UNDER PAYMENTS Policy for Dealing with Salary Over/Under Payments West Lothian Council Policy for dealing with salary over/u...

  • Relocation Assistance Procedure (Adobe pdf documents)


    RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROCEDURE Relocation Assistance Procedure West Lothian Council procedure for relocation assistance Policy Pay Recruitment

  • Relocation Assistance Scheme (Adobe pdf documents)


    RELOCATION ASSISTANCE SCHEME Relocation Assistance Scheme West Lothian Council scheme for relocation assistance Policy Pay Recruitment

  • Severe Weather Policy (Adobe pdf documents)


    SEVERE WEATHER - POLICY FOR DEALING WITH DISRUPTIONS TO NORMAL WORKING ARRANGEMENTS Severe Weather Policy West Lothian policy for dealing with disruptions to no...

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