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  • Whistle Blowing Procedure (Adobe pdf documents)

    Whistleblowing Procedure DATA LABEL: PUBLIC West Lothian Council Disclosure of Information by Employees (Whistleblowing) Procedure Approved by PP&R Committee 21...

  • Whistle Blowing Policy (Adobe pdf documents)

    Whistleblowing Policy DATA LABEL: PUBLIC West Lothian Council DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION BY EMPLOYEES (Whistleblowing) POLICY Original approved by PP&R Cttee 21 ...

  • Open Plan Working Protocol (Adobe pdf documents)

    CODE OF CONDUCT OPEN PLAN WORKING Open Plan Working Protocol Open Plan Working Protocol Protocol Code of conduct

  • Whistle Blowing Guidance - Employee (Adobe pdf documents)

    Employee guidance on whistle blowing Guidance Whistleblowing

  • Nominated Officer Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    NOMINATED OFFICER Nominated Officer Guidance Nominated Officer Guidance Guidance Bullying and Harassment Discipline

  • Bullying and Harassment Policy Procedure (Adobe pdf documents)

    Fair Treatment at Work Policy ( Revised Sept. '08) Dealing with Complaints of Bullying and Harassment at Work Policy and Procedure Approved Council Executive: 2...

  • Code of Conduct for Employees (Adobe pdf documents)

    DATA LABEL: PUBLIC Code of Conduct For Employees Original approved by PP&R Committee 26 October 1999 Last Revised June 2022 2 DATA LABEL: PUBLIC DOCUMENT CONTRO...

  • Code of Conduct Personal Relationships Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AT WORK Managing Personal Relationships at Work Guidance Human Resources June 2022 GUIDANCE ON MANAGING PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AT WORK 1....

  • Code of Conduct Declarations of Interest Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    Declarations of Interest Guidance Guidance Code of conduct

  • Code of Conduct School Events and Professional Conduct (Adobe pdf documents)

    School Events and Professional Conduct Guidance Code of conduct

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