Housing Investment

This page provides information on how we are investing and making large scale improvements to our current housing stock.

Housing Stock Investment

It is important for West Lothian Council to invest in new social housing to meet growing demand; but it is just as important that we maintain our existing housing stock. By doing so we ensure tenants and owner occupiers are able to live in a property that is of a decent standard.

A requirement placed on local authorities by the Scottish Government was that all social housing was to meet a certain minimum standard of quality set out in the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) - it was a requirement for all social housing to meet these standards by April 2015. 99.9% of our properties adhere to this standard and as part of our investment strategy we are looking to further improve property ratings where possible. 

To West Lothian Council, house condition means much more than SHQS. It means improving the living conditions of our tenants, internally and externally supporting them in old age and their children's safe play areas; reducing the risks to their health through household accidents and fires.  We invest in Homes not Houses.

We are also working towards ensuring our housing will meet the upcoming Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing requirement that all Social Housing meets a determined level of energy efficiency by December 2020.

All local authorities in Scotland are required to develop and deliver a Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) that outlines the planned projects and work that will be carried out on the councils housing stock. You can access our Icon for pdf SHIP for 2022-2027 here [264.96KB].

See a summary of the type of ongoing activities the council will be performing during the period of our current Capital Investment Programme below:

  • Adaptations
  • Environmental Improvements
  • Fence Replacement
  • Heating System Upgrades
  • Insurance repairs due to Fire, Water or Storm Damage
  • Kitchen and Bathroom replacements
  • Roof replacement
  • Roughcasting
  • Window and door replacements

More information on the investments we make is available on our Improvements and Modernisation page.


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