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Spotlight On... Stevie

Stevie and his tutor talk about the difference coming to adult learning has made at work.

Spotlight Steve March 2017
Spotlight Steve March 2017
Tutor: You've been coming along to Adult Learning for three months. Why did you come along in the first place?

Stevie: I wanted answers: was it my fault that I was in the situation with reading and spelling, or had the school let me down? I've found out it's maybe not the school that's at fault - it's me that has the problem. Laziness (laughter). Naw, Naw, I've now realised I'm dyslexic.

Tutor:  So what was the first thing you wanted to learn when you came along?

Stevie: It was mainly things to do with my work. I'm a lorry driver and if there's something wrong with the vehicle which we have to check every day and night then write a defects sheet. Because there are 360 drivers in and out and different managers I used to just go to certain managers. But quite a few times I've been caught out if those managers are on a day off.

So I thought, right, I will go back to learning and see if maybe I can learn to fill in my own defect sheet. I did achieve this just two weeks ago which I was really happy with.

Tutor: Other things have happened because you come to the group, can you tell us a bit about that?

Stevie: We get a driving assessment every 2 years. Before I would just say aye, aye, just whatever, but this year because I had been coming to the class for a month or two I thought right this time I'm going to listen to him, see what he's got to say and see if I can adjust myself.

My driving at the time I was told was atrocious - an average E/F which is really bad. But within six weeks of listening and asking questions and saying what can I do to improve this bit and that bit I got better. My driving average is now a B/C which is really good and the work are really impressed with me for that too.

Tutor: So in the past 3 months do you think you have seen a big difference?

Stevie: Aye I think so and my partner thinks so as well. Although she is maybe a wee bit iffy about it because I am now saying to her and my daughter this is how you should be driving and that's what you should be doing. I think they are at the stage where they are saying aye, aye, whatever - but I will eventually get there with them.

Tutor: So would you encourage other people to come along to Adult Learning?

Stevie: Aw aye - big time.