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Training Pathway

As a new volunteer you will participate in a programme of training which helps to build your skills alongside gaining experience in a volunteer placement.

Training StageDetailTimescale
Foundation TrainingIntroduction to adult learning, working in a group, Health and Safety, POVA1 x 6 hr session, 3 x 2 hr sessions
First PlacementBegin your volunteer placement in a group.6 x 2.5 hr sessions
ReviewReview your progress so far and discuss next steps.1 x 2 hr session
Stage 1 TrainingDevelop your skills in supporting students by looking at teaching methods, learning strategies and resource design.8 x 2 hr sessions
Full Term PlacementContinue to gain experience by supporting learners in a group.9-12 x 2.5 hr sessions
Goal TrainingLearn how to negotiate a goal with a learner and break the goal down into simple steps. Develop your skills in record-keeping and reflection.4 x 2 hr sessions

Ongoing training will be also be on offer to staff and volunteers.  This term's training calendar will include all the training on offer.