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Wraparound Care

We have set up wraparound care facilities at some of our pre-school education establishments in line with Scottish Government guidance. To be eligible for wraparound care your child must be in pre-school education or attending P1 to P3.

In line with Council policy, priority is given to ante pre-school and pre-school aged children for wraparound care places.

It may be possible, where there is enough space, to offer wraparound care places to pupils in P1 to P3. 

For guidance and to find out which nursery schools offer wraparound care, and for wraparound care opening times please view the pdf icon Primary School and Wraparound Admission - Guidance Note [523kb].


Wraparound care is not a free service, although we do everything we can to keep charges as low as possible.  We have to charge so that wraparound care is cost effective as required by the Scottish Government, and is reliable. 

Charges for wraparound care are currently £3.99 per hour, with an annual administration fee of £20.

Provision for children in P4 - P7

Wraparound care is not available for P4-P7 children.  Details of Childcare are available from the Scottish Families Information Service.

Apply for Wraparound Care

You can apply online using our Apply for Wraparound Care online form.