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Report Illegal Fly Tipping

You can report illegal fly tipping using the online form below.

Dumping rubbish is illegal and dangerous and it ruins the appearance of your neighbourhood.

If the problem is on council land, we will deal with it as quickly as possible. If the problem is on privately owned ground, the owner is responsible. We will contact the owner or occupier and ask them to tidy up. You can get a fine of £200 for fly tipping.

Abandoned Trolleys

The Council also works in co-operation with retailers and facilitates a scheme operated by an independent contractor to recover and return abandoned shopping trolleys to retailers in central Livingston.

There is no charge to the public for these services.  

Trolleys abandoned in the Livingston area  Collections currently taking place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Abandoned trolleys outwith Livingston are not, however, part of a formal recovery scheme and we try to encourage the public to contact the respective retailer to arrange uplift for these.

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